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  1. When families get the link, how do they buy tickets?

When families visit, they can search for their athlete’s school by following the prompts on the GoFan website. Watch this demonstration video on purchasing tickets.

  1. How do spectators view their purchased tickets?

There are 3 ways spectators can view their purchased tickets.

  • Select “View Tickets” in their emailed receipt
  • Sign in to their Go Fan account on a computer
  • Open in the GoFan app installed on their personal device

For the fastest entry into the game, fans should pull up their tickets before reaching the gate. Watch this demonstration video on accessing purchased tickets

  1. Can fans transfer tickets to others?

Yes, purchased tickets are transferable to children, spouse, family, friends or anyone else via text, email, or copy a link. Watch this video (near the end) to see a demonstration on transferring tickets to others.

  1. Can tickets be purchased after the start of the game?

Yes, as long as the game has not sold out.

  1. What if a game is canceled?

In the event that a game is canceled, ticket buyers will receive a 100% refund on the price of the ticket and the convenience fee. To receive a refund, please email and include your name, email used to purchase the ticket(s), and the event for which you bought a ticket(s).


  1. How do we redeem tickets at the gate?

The ticket holder will show the ticket taker a digital ticket on their phone. Staff working the ticket gate will direct the fan to click the green “Validate” button. The ticket holder must show the big green checkmark on their phone’s screen to show that the ticket is valid. Watch this demonstration video on redeeming tickets at the gate.

  1. Can spectators buy tickets at the gate?

Tickets will be available for purchase at the gate if there is a public sale and if tickets are still available. Fans always have the option to purchase tickets on the website leading up game time. 

Tickets can also be purchased using the GoFan box office at each school.  Fans will need either a debit or credit card to purchase tickets using the box office. Fans with a smartphone can also scan a QR at each school. The QR code will direct fans directly to the school’s GoFan website to purchase tickets.


  1. There is an app for iOS, but can Android users buy tickets?

The app is only available for Apple devices, but the website works great on ANY smartphone.

  1. What if a spectator doesn’t have a smartphone? Phone is lost or has run out of battery?

The GoFan digital ticket system is a great solution but it won’t cover 100% of all possible issues.  It will be at the discretion of each school on how to handle individual situations.  

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