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The Chesapeake Middle School League (CMSL) is committed to providing a safe environment for our student-athletes, coaches, officials, and spectators.  We intend to have a complete winter athletic season and crown a city champion in basketball and wrestling. While our schools will do everything they can to complete the winter athletic season, there may come a time when winter championships will be unable to be  completed due to Covid-19 circumstances. Every effort will be made to finish each school's regular season and championships.  As we have all learned over the past few months living in a pandemic environment, circumstances beyond our control may impact athletic contests.

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The name of this organization shall be the Chesapeake Middle School League.  The object of the Chesapeake Middle School League shall be to conduct a program of supervised competitions in athletics, academics, and such other school activities deemed to further the total education of pupils.  The league shall be organized by the principals of the middle schools. The organization shall consist of a League Chairperson and an Executive Director.

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Address: 304 Cedar Road, Chesapeake, VA.
Phone Number: 757-547-1340
Fax Number: 757-547-1342
Email Address: StudentActivities@cpschools.com
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